“PSS’s program to detect and treat sleep apnea in our drivers is the industry’s most comprehensive program, one that will make the process easier for our drivers, limit downtime, and provide for the best coordination of care. We believe it will be a very positive health benefit to our drivers and will positively impact the safety of everyone on the road.”

Scott Barker, Director of Safety, Swift Transportation Co., Inc.

“The safety and health of Schneider National drivers is of utmost importance to us. PSS has been a solid provider to Schneider, helping us build a successful and sustainable model that fits the needs of our business. We look forward to the continued success of the program and our continued relationship with PSS.”

Angela Fish, Director of Benefits, Schneider National

“Through the help of PSS and its commercial driver screening tool, Schneider National Inc. has been able to identify and treat hundreds of drivers that have tested positive for sleep apnea. This has led to healthcare savings and a reduced accident risk. This was done in an effort to keep Schneider drivers and the motoring public healthy and safe on our nation’s highways.”

Don Osterberg, VP of Safety, Schneider National

“In 2009 H.O. Wolding, Inc. added a sleep apnea program to their company’s Health/Wellness Plan. With the knowledge of the impact sleep apnea can have on a driver’s health, as well as the impact of the side effects it can cause in road safety, we felt it was a proactive step in the right direction. It was no problem choosing PSS as the provider for our sleep apnea program; their expertise in this field is outstanding. They are backed by a team of experienced professionals and they continue to keep up with all the latest findings involving this medical condition. The support team at PSS is aware of what the life of an over-the-road truck driver is like and they work well with them, always taking their schedules into consideration. They offer excellent service up front and support if a problem or concern should arise down the road.”

H.O. Wolding, Inc.

“We recognize sleep apnea as a problem that we can address in a proactive manner. From what we have seen, PSS’s program is designed to quickly and effectively diagnose and treat our employees.”

Sandra Carson, Vice President of Safety & Crisis Management, SYSCO

“I have been using my CPAP machine for a few weeks now. I feel a lot better during the day and I am starting to get adjusted to the mask at night. Along with the assistance that I have received, I have observed PSS associates treat driver associates with empathy and respect.”

Roberto M., Driver Business Leader, Schneider National

“Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for helping our drivers become safer and healthier through their efforts to detect and treat sleep apnea. I consistently hear drivers say they have more energy, drive more alert than they can ever remember, and in many cases, have more confidence. Your team is always responsive to my needs as a leader to help me resolve tough issues. Finally, they are also well aware of the sensitivity of the subject and do not hesitate to help a driver get tested and treated.”

Tom A., Loss Prevention Manager, Schneider National