Once a driver has been identified at-risk, Precision Sleep Solutions provide sleep apnea diagnostic testing services with the ease of web-based scheduling and a quick, reliable turn-around from diagnosis to treatment. All of our networked sleep centers are accredited. Our sleep studies are gold-standard Type-1 and are the preferred method for diagnosing and assessing the severity of sleep apnea in commercial drivers, per the Medical Expert Panel’s recommendations to the FMCSA. PPD has developed the first and only true network of sleep diagnostic centers specifically trained to deliver service to commercial drivers. Our procedures were developed “from within a trucking company-for the trucking industry”SM and are adhered to throughout our national network of providers.

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With over 12 years’ experience screening more than 60,000 operators, testing over 13,000 operators and treating over 11,000 operators nationwide for sleep apnea, Precision Sleep Solution is uniquely qualified to provide your organization a comprehensive solution for managing fatigue while reducing healthcare costs among your mobile workforce.