Precision Sleep Solutions (formerly Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics) provides comprehensive, results-driven and cost-effective management of sleep apnea-related issues prevalent in the transportation and mobile workforce population. By improving commercial driver/operator safety and health, Precision Sleep Solutions, LLC (PSS) aims to help employers improve their bottom line while enhancing the safety of their employees and the general public.


Our exclusive driver/operator-specific service model is truly turnkey and has been awarded a U.S. patent for efficiently integrating the delivery of sleep apnea disease management. PSS has developed the first and only true nation-wide network of sleep diagnostic centers specifically trained to deliver services to commercial drivers and operators. The PSS procedure was developed “within a transportation company for the transportation industry…“ and adhered to throughout our national network of service providers. From accurate, inexpensive fleet-wide screening for risk through gold-standard diagnosis, treatment and ongoing compliance monitoring, our program delivers quick and effective results. PSS has the highest objective long-term CPAP adherence rate in the nation which translates into a higher return on your program investment. Our program, as delivered through Schneider National, was awarded the 2007 National Sleep Foundation Healthy Sleep Community Award and the first Corporate Sleep Apnea Achievement Award from the American Sleep Apnea Association.

PSS takes the privacy of our client’s health information and our duties under state and federal law very seriously. We have implemented policies and procedures that comply with the applicable provisions of those laws to protect the privacy and security of your information. Except where otherwise permitted or required by law to disclose your health information, we obtain your authorization so that you can control who accesses your information.