PSS offers nationwide portable sleep testing through its extensive national sleep lab network, allowing the driver to be tested where the carrier needs the driver to be. Portable/home sleep testing allows the driver to sleep at home or in their trucks while being tested.


PSS dedicated itself to a careful pilot of hundreds of portable sleep tests in the commercial driving population assuring its success. As a result of PSS’s pilot and hands on approach to portable testing, PSS provides an exceptional success rate in an unattended study. This eliminates the need to repeat a failed portable sleep study as a result of error.


PSS utilizes a state of the art portable, home-test device known as WatchPAT™ manufactured by Itamar. The Watch-PAT™ device has over 225 peer reviewed articles making it a leader in the field of portable devices.


The Watch-PAT™ is a portable home/sleep diagnostic system to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) without the attendance of a technologist. It is a small wrist-mounted device which fulfills the unmet need for an ambulatory, reliable and patient friendly diagnostic evaluation tool that is accessible to the great number of undiagnosed OSA patients. The Watch-PAT™ is a cost-effective means for follow up treatment of patients on CPAP, Oral Appliances and post ENT surgery. The Watch-PAT™ opens new clinical avenues for the practice of sleep medicine – patients can be diagnosed in the comfort of their own home.


The Watch-PAT utilizes Peripheral Arterial Tonometry (PAT) in addition to other common physiological measurements. Unlike other portable devices, the WatchPAT provides in addition to quantifiable apnea information, extensive sleep information, clinically comparable to sleep data obtained in a sleep lab. While providing more clinical information than any other Level III or Level IV devices, the Watch-PAT provides for the simplest and most reliable data acquisition in a non-attended setting.


The data acquired by the Watch-PAT is analyzed by Itamar Medical’s proprietary user-friendly software which is installed on a computer. The sophisticated algorithm is automatic and thus eliminates the need for subjective scoring of respiratory events providing a complete report of the study within minutes after downloading the data. This method of immediate report generation, when compared to weeks in most other hospital-based settings, enables patients to initiate treatment on the same day and without delay.

With over 12 years’ experience screening more than 70,000 operators, testing over 13,000 operators and treating over 11,000 operators nationwide for sleep apnea, Precision Sleep Solution is uniquely qualified to provide your organization a comprehensive solution for managing fatigue while reducing healthcare costs among your mobile workforce.