Dr. Mark Berger was born in Houston and attended the University of Texas where he graduated with highest honors. He then studied medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, graduating with honors and as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He has been a licensed physician in Texas since 1981 and is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, as well as Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. In the late 1980s while serving as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Berger was a member of one of the first lung transplant teams in the United States. He was one of the first individuals in the United States to implant metallic bronchial stents into the airways of lung transplant recipients suffering from post-transplant bronchial narrowing. In the 1990s, Dr. Berger entered private practice at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, where he cared for thousands of pulmonary and critically ill individuals. He served briefly as Assistant Director of Hyperbaric Medicine at Methodist Hospital and for seven years he was Chief of Staff at Select Specialty Hospital in Houston. In the early 2000s, Dr. Berger became one of only 450 physicians in the country holding a B-Reader certification for specialized interpretation of chest x-rays in asbestos-and silica- exposed individuals. He was widely sought out as an expert medical witness in hundreds of occupational inhalation exposure cases. Additionally, Dr. Berger’s interest and expertise in sleep medicine developed during this time. He was the Medical Director for a Houston SleepMed testing center where he treated over 1,000 patients for sleep apnea.

In 2003, Dr. Berger began working as a consultant to Schneider National under the original name of the company, Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics. In that capacity he worked closely in developing their sleep apnea program for drivers. This program includes the first-ever fleet-wide screening of drivers for sleep apnea. His experience with Schneider National has been reported as one of four “outstanding papers” chosen at the 2005 International Truck and Bus Safety and Security Symposium, sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the American Trucking Association. Schneider National was awarded the National Sleep Foundation’s 2007 Healthy Sleep Community Award in recognition of the PPD-developed program implemented there. Dr. Berger’s research interests currently include on going collaborative work with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, the University of Minnesota, and Harvard University. Dr. Berger is President and Chief Medical Officer for Precision Sleep Solutions and has overseen the screening of over 60,000 commercial drivers and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea in nearly 11,000 CDL holders. He holds a U.S. Patent for his unique sleep apnea disease management program for commercial drivers and the SomniSage™ sleep apnea screening questionnaire as well as several other patents pending. PSS provides comprehensive sleep apnea programs for many transportation companies, including Schneider National, Swift Transportation, and H.O. Wolding Transportation. PSS’s program is the only sleep apnea program that has generated proven significant, quantifiable returns on investment for its clients. Dr. Berger’s approach to remedying the problems associated with sleep apnea in commercial drivers combines solid evidence-based medical research with a unique sensitivity to the specific demands and requirements of the trucking industry.



Wendy Sullivan, RN, is Co-Founder and Senior VP – Corporate Education for Precision Sleep Solutions. She joined PSS in October 2007 to fulfill her passion in improving commercial drivers’ well-being, particularly through implementing integrated and comprehensive sleep apnea programs within the transportation industry. In her occupational medicine leadership role at Schneider National, Wendy was concerned with the high prevalence of sleep apnea within the fleet and its effects on a driver’s health and safety. Between 2004 and 2007, she worked closely with Dr. Berger in developing the award-winning Schneider National Sleep Apnea Program. In 2007, this program was awarded the National Sleep Foundation Healthy Sleep Community Award and the first-ever American Sleep Apnea Association Corporate Recognition Award. Additionally, Wendy and the occupational medicine team she led at Schneider National were awarded the Safety Presidential Award and the General Presidential Award in 2006.

Prior to her seven-year tenure at Schneider National, she was employed for 10 years by a large national health insurance company where she gained additional experience in human resources, disability, and other health issues. Her expertise is recognized within the commercial trucking industry where she has been a speaker at various conventions including the American Trucking Association, several state trucking associations, and the Society of Human Resource Management. She has had several published articles and interviews in Transport Topics, the Associated Press, XM Radio, and various local and state newspapers.

Wendy has been a Registered Nurse for 44 years. As a nurse, she quickly realized that commercial drivers have unique needs and challenges and her passion for sleep apnea developed when she saw how many drivers were affected by, or at risk from, this life-threatening condition. Wendy says: “My goal is to have drivers improve their health and safety and get them back home to their families. Many drivers do not realize they have signs and symptoms of sleep apnea. The symptoms are often masked by excessive caffeine use, cigarette smoking, ‘stackers’, and other efforts on their part to stay awake. I continue to hear from many grateful drivers who cannot believe how much better they feel and thanking me for encouraging them to participate in the sleep apnea program.”



Brian Kinnerk joined Precision Sleep Solutions as Chief Operations Officer in November, 2016. With over 18 years’ previous executive management experience within the Medical Devices; Life Sciences industries, Brian is responsible for the continuous improvement of PPD’s organizational efficiency and commitment to maximizing customer satisfaction.