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As the transportation industry endures yet another year of marked increases in accidents attributable to operator fatigue, it becomes increasingly critical for safety-sensitive companies and their responsible leadership to examine all available options for mitigation of this risk.

Many safety-sensitive companies may have never seriously considered or decided against investing in an effective sleep apnea management program, but what are the real-world, measurable costs to your company for doing nothing to address this health issue prevalent in your mobile workforce?

Did you know…

  • Approximately 28% of your drivers currently suffer from untreated sleep apnea?
  • Left untreated, drivers diagnosed with sleep apnea are at 5X’s greater risk to be involved in a DOT-reportable accident?
  • Transportation companies are paying $301 per month/per driver in avoidable employee healthcare costs with untreated sleep apnea?
  • The typical Return On Investment for a comprehensive sleep apnea management program will pay for itself in less than a year in risk mitigation and significant cost reductions in employee healthcare expenses.
  • Recent studies reveal that companies offering robust sleep apnea management programs to their drivers enjoy materially-increased employee retention rates.

Precision Sleep Solutions provides comprehensive, results-driven and cost-effective sleep apnea management programs to the transportation industry and is uniquely qualified to provide your company a turnkey solution to increase both operator health and safety, while materially reducing the cost of healthcare for your operators. PSS has screened over 70,000 operators, tested 13,000 and treated 11,000 affected over the past 12 years.

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