Has anyone ever heard of the Hat Trick- or is anyone currently using it?  I came across this “trick” a few years ago and thought it might be a good idea to bring it back to the surface as I think it is a creative solution to a common problem… masks fit issues.

Here is how it works- if your mask straps move around during treatment- especially if you are bald or prone to sweating  a lot, you might want to try putting on a baseball cap over your mask straps.  It helps keep the straps from moving on your head- thereby keeping them in place so they are less likely to come off and interrupt your sleep.  It also may help and keep you from pulling your mask off during the night.

I’ve heard of one case where a driver was so desperate to keep his mask on at night that he used an ace bandage to secure the mask to his face.  When one of our clinicians suggested he use the hat trick… voila… no more problems and goodbye ace bandage.

We are always striving to bring you helpful solutions and or problem solving techniques to help you with your CPAP treatment challenges.  The sleep community is vast and there is so much information out there… if you have heard of or tried anything that has helped you- please write to us about it…

Also- if you have ever used the hat trick- let us know how it worked for you…

Safe travels!